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Here's what our patients have to say about chiropractic...

“I started with Lola and Dave a little over six months ago. I was going to Cross Fit five days per week but my improvement was slow and I was troubled with lower back pain, knee pain, raised blood pressure, acid reflux, and high cholesterol and should pain, in general a physical train wreck. My family doctor recommended that I should lose 30 pounds and see a physical therapist. Instead I went to see Dave and Lola (via the Paleo Challenge).
Today I am 31 pounds lighter and only have slight knee pain (133 combat equipment jumps in the army and multiple knee surgeries have left their mark). Dave really helped me to target my back issues which fixed my form in weight lifting, avoiding incorrect physical compensation. My running and rowing times continue to get better and at a pretty rapid rate. My shoulder joint pain is completely gone which I credit to better posture and a gluten free/ Paleo diet.
Another surprising benefit diet was no more acid reflux and blood pressure was back to normal. I have been medicated for years to fix both of these problems and today I am drug free.  Couldn’t have done this without them!” C.G.

"Thanks in part to your adjustment that helped heal my body before the big race, I won 4 gold medals at the US Track and Field National Masters Indoor Track Championships in Boston on March 15-16, 2014.  Three races were relays, and a signature individual race was the 800 meters with a result of 1st place, time 2:47 or 5:36  seconds per mile pace in the men's 70-74 age group.  I am proud to be the national champion in the 800 meters.  I had just turned 70 five days before the race." ~J.B.

"After 40 years of being a mechanic- I was always in pain. Now seeing Dave for 4 years, the pain has subsided and life is more enjoyable... The past 4 years have been like a transformation. Dave was-and still is- able to pinpoint the pain and make me feel like a new person."

“My 2 month old son was diagnosed with torticollis- stiff neck muscles- and as a result of the condition his head tilted to one side and he lacked rand of motion in turning his head to one side… After the first session with Dr. David, my son’s range of motion in his neck dramatically improved- he began, for the first time, to look to the left, unassisted! With each subsequent session, we’ve seen improvement in my son’s alignment and range of motion- and we are so thrilled with the care he’s received at Chrysalis Chiropractic in that now he’ll be better able to appropriately meet physical and development milestones!!” 

“I believe the combination of Chiropractic adjustments (specifically ART) and Nutrition Response Testing has resulted in improvements that I could never achieve with years of physical therapy for my joint pain.”

“I had chronic lower back pain that lasted for more than a decade despite seeing an osteopath during this time. Now I am pain free in my lower back, I find that the muscle release technique that Dr. David incorporates into the treatment really makes a difference”

“I was having ongoing shoulder pain from an old injury (over 3 years ago) and I had tried everything- physical therapy, acupuncture, massage, MRI and consult with an orthopedic surgeon. Nothing seemed to work. I started chiropractic care with the ART added, this seemed to be an improvement. Adding Nutrition Response Testing for digestive ailments I now essentially have no symptoms and my shoulder feels better than ever”

Mary Beth B  - Client since 2016 ~ I felt relief immediately after my adjustment. I was very pleasantly surprised.

David A - Client since 2016 ~I left not sure if the manipulation helped and by the next morning it was like a miracle -- so much better! After 3 days not being able to move my neck and gobbling Motrin I am pain free and off mess.

 Anonymous Verified Client ~I've discovered that this practice isn't just about moving bones around. Working with soft tissue where needed has really made a difference for me.

Caroline B Client since 2009 ~So easy to schedule appointments. Wait time is short. Wait area is great. Lovely office with vibrant colors and fun music. Dr. Lola and Dr. Dave consider your health as a whole - and take time to explain the procedures and importance of healthy backs and joints. Dr. Dave has recommended stretches to help keep my back feeling great in-between visits. And the staff make the paperwork/health insurance process very easy.

Mary Jane P Client since 2016 ~My first visit was very enlightening. I learned more about ART and the affects particular disks in the back have on other areas of the body. I believe this will be a good thing.

Kenneth C Client since 2013 ~Always timely and friendly, excellent service ! I will continue to refer others to you !

 Anonymous Verified Client ~I went to this practice for help with baby positioning while 36 weeks pregnant. End the end of the 36th week, my baby was head down. I cannot say what did the trick exactly, but my back felt much better after my visits.

Bridget E Client since 2016 ~This is exactly the treatment I've been looking for- wholistic chiropractic, with physical therapy and fitness recommendations thrown in. I really feel like I was listened to and understood. I'm looking forward to a long partnership to get myself to optimal health.

Cathy K Client since 2016 ~Dr Capps is amazing. My movement has increased significantly and my energy level has risen dramatically since seeing Dr. Capps. My massage therapist actually asked for his card and I have recommended him to several people.

 Anonymous Verified Client ~In one visit Dr. Dave launched a plan to bring me relief to a problem I have ignored for too long. In less than a half an hour not only do I have a plan for treatment but I also feel better!

 “After 40 years of being a mechanic- I was always in pain. Now seeing Dave for 4 years, the pain has subsided and life is more enjoyable... The past 4 years have been like a transformation. Dave was-and still is- able to pinpoint the pain and make me feel like a new person."

“Dr. Capps is amazing. My movement has increased significantly and my energy level has risen dramatically since seeing Dr. Capps. My massage therapist actually asked for his card and I have recommended him to several people.” ~C.K. 9/27/2016

 “I know I have raved about Dr. Capps and Dr. Lola in a previous review, but every time I get the email to rate the services I have received at Chrysalis Chiropractic I feel compelled to provide feedback. The husband and wife duo are PHENOMENAL!!! If you are experiencing any back, neck, leg or arm pain THIS IS THE PLACE TO GO. The entire office is amaze balls(pardon my french..lol), VERY Professional, informative, friendly and not to mention the refreshing aroma I smell when I walk thru the door. I always walk out with a smile on my face. Dr. Capps and Dr. Lola ROCK !!!!!” ~C.L. 6/28/2016

“I love going to Chrysalis! Dr. David always helps me to stay painfree with A.R.T. techniques. I never wait more than a few minutes, and I'm usually in and out in under 20 minutes. The office is very laidback yet professional. I would highly recommend them!” ~C.G. 6/28/2016

“I'm always happy with Dr. David's expertise and professionalism. He helped my 18 month old daughter, and was very patient and kind while engaging with her, and me. We've been going to Chrysalis Chiropractic for over two years now, and are very pleased with our experience.” ~S.P. 3/19/2016

“Always a great experience! Dr Dave is a great listener and is always able to find the root of the issue. I went for maintenance and overall stiffness, what a difference when I left!” ~D.B. 2/25/2016

“Dr. Capps is great. He knows what my ongoing issues are and always listens and adjusts treatment to deal with things that come up.” ~B.R. 1/7/2016

 “Drs. David and Lola are always great. They focus on more than just the immediate symptoms and encourage you in overall health. They are also just awesome people. I've been going for nearly 10 years and regularly refer others to check out Chrysalis.” ~R.M. 12/30/2015   


Here's what our patients have to say about Nutrition....

“My husband had a scheduled appointment with Dr. Lola. We accompany each other for doctor’s appointments. I was feeling awful, my stomach was so bloated. My neck, shoulder, and arms were aching. At that junction of my life I was feeling miserable. I had visited several doctor’s office, and been admitted into several hospitals, and they all would say that nothing was wrong. They would all say we ran several test and they were all negative…
How is it now?
Now, I am a happy and proud patient of Dr. Lola. My life has changed dramatically, the pain that I occurred before has totally dissipated. My approach for shopping at the grocery store is different, my cooking habits have changed, and my way of thinking has changed. Now, I see the glass half full instead of half empty.
Since visiting Dr. Lola office as a patient, it has truly been eye opening for us. She exemplifies so much caring for her patients. Every week as her patient, we learn something new to improve out health from her. New technique from her, new and innovative ways to good wholesome food and good eating habits. To those that are seeking to become energetic again, and bring the youthfulness again, we highly recommend that you take some time out and make an investment for your health.”    M.B


"My son has always suffered from moderate to severe allergies, food sensitivities and a weak immune system. After a year of treatment under Dr. Lola Capps and Nutrition Response Testing, my son's health has improved significantly; his colds are less frequent, severe, and much shorter in duration; his skin around his mouth and other joint areas is much healthier and he is having more regular and frequent bowel movements. This has meant fewer trips to the doctor, a drastic reduction in the use of steroidal inhalers and creams, and generally a happier and healthier kid."

"Prior to seeing Dr. Lola, I was struggling with a very long recovery from two shoulder procedures and still experiencing a lot of pain, stiffness and inflammation (6-18 months post surgery). I was very limited in my ability to rebuild muscle and range of motion due to the pain... Working with Dr. Lola has been incredibly helpful. Not only has my shoulder pain been eliminated, I have a better understanding of my body and my food choices and how these daily decisions (big and small) contribute to my overall well being. I am not making more intentional choices about food, activity and beverages." -M.F.

“Before seeing Dr. Lola for nutrition care, my total cholesterol levels exceeded 300 mg/dL, which included high LDL cholesterol (the bad kind).  My primary care physician suggested I be prescribed a statin drug.  I asked her to give me some time to explore the opportunity to reduce my cholesterol naturally.  I discussed my goals with Dr. Lola and she prescribed herbal supplements, such as red yeast extract, and supplements, such as tuna-omega fish oil.  We also talked about refinement of my daily Paleo diet, including an increase in organic poultry and fish and less red meat.  Lastly, I added in a fitness component by starting Crossfit.   In eight weeks, my cholesterol levels were retested and my primary care physician was flabbergasted to see my total cholesterol had dropped 76 points with the bad LDL cholesterol number being "near ideal".  She said "keep doing what you are doing!"

"I love throwing away the Centrum!" I like taking only those natural supplements that my body needs, not just a chemically fabricated vitamin that is designed for the average male and upsets my stomach if taken without food.  With this plan, I am only ingesting natural supplements that are helping my body function."

“Improvements on all points! I feel better than I ever have! My energy levels have greatly improved and I function much better on less sleep. I’ve noticed much less hair falls out when washing. My digestion has greatly improved and bowels have become more regular/ consistent. Use of the supplements have greatly reduced instances of heartburn/indigestion. I no longer have bloating after eating, which makes my pants feel much more comfortable. I have noticed significant improvement in my joints that never seemed to completely heal. I believe the combination of Nutrition Response Testing … Chiropractic adjustments …(specifically ART) has resulted in improvements that I could never achieve with years of physical therapy for my joint pain. I would recommend  Nutrition Response Testing to everyone regardless of whether you have similar ailments because you will just feel better!”

"I notice that when I take my supplements and follow my program I don't have an anxious feeling in my stomach." 

“I started Chiropractic care with ART therapy added. While this seemed to be an improvement on my shoulder I decided to add Nutrition Response Testing thinking food had something to do with the healing process too and for some long-term digestive ailments. I have been amazed at the improvements I have experienced in just under 7 months. There is a dramatic improvement in my energy level and overall state of “feeling good”. My clothes fit better and indigestion has all but disappeared and it seems that food sits much better than it used to”

"I have more energy!"